We are a full service general contracting company capable of completing projects ranging from remodeling and renovation, to additions, to complete custom homes.

• Cushing Custom Homes begins by meeting with customers and compiling as much information as possible to produce an accurate estimate.

• We prefer to meet with customers, but will engage in phone or email conversations to open strong lines of communication, ensure pricing is accurate, and choose the products wanted by the homeowner.

• The same Cushing Custom Homes employee(s) who met with the homeowner(s), studied the plans, developed the estimate(s), and constructed the proposal will be on-site during the course of construction.

• With the same employee always on-site there are no surprises, any question can be answered with ease, and proper actions are taken to avoid any issues.

• The employees of Cushing Custom Homes are not only accomplished framing carpenters, but are also highly skilled trim carpenters. One of our trademarks is that we install all of our own trim and are proficient in the construction of custom built-in cabinetry, closets, shelving, etc…

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